‘I’ll do life for killing you’ – Chilling words of thug who brutally attacked girlfriend

Leon Williams was jailed at Portsmouth Crown Court
Leon Williams was jailed at Portsmouth Crown Court

A MAN has been jailed for carrying out an ‘unhinged’ attack on his long term partner who thought she was ‘going to die’ during the assault.

Leon Williams, 43, was sent to custody for 22 months at Portsmouth Crown Court after his brutal onslaught on the woman, who had resigned herself to never seeing her family again as she thought she would be killed.

During the withering attack, her head was repeatedly smashed against the ground, her middle finger was bitten and she was headbutted and punched continuously at The Thicket, an isolated Widley beauty spot, on Christmas Day last year.

The attack left the woman, who was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital, with a broken nose and blood pouring from her face, as well as being traumatised by the battering.

At one point during the terrifying ordeal – which she was unable to see coming as she lay motionless on the ground with a hoodie over her head – Williams, of Ensign Drive, Gosport, chillingly warned her: ‘You’re never leaving here. I’m going to kill you.’

The defendant, who admitted threatening to kill and assault occasioning actual bodily harm, only stopped after the victim had warned him the police were nearby, prosecutor Gareth Burrows said.

‘They were walking home when (Williams) started asking “where has it all gone wrong?” He became aggressive and nasty,’ he told the court.

Williams then continued: ‘I never loved you. You made me like this.’

The prosecutor said Williams then walked off before returning to begin beating his partner he had been with for more than eight years.

‘(Williams) starts running towards the victim and begins punching her in the face repeatedly,’ he said.

‘He then moves away and comes back for more, causing her to end up on the ground.’

Describing the ordeal, the woman’s police statement, read out to court, said: ‘He put his head down to my level and then headbutted me.

‘I could feel blood pouring into my eyes.

‘I was left terrified by the relentless violence and really thought he was going to kill me. If the police didn’t turn up I think he would have killed me.

‘I begged him to stop but he was totally unhinged. I totally believed I would never see my family again.’

Mr Burrows added: ‘She was then punched repeatedly and had her middle finger bitten down on before having her head lifted up and smashed down on the ground repeatedly. He said he would be “happy to serve life in prison to kill her”.’

Defending, David Reid said the incident happened after Williams drank too much alcohol as the pair’s relationship began breaking up.

He also told the court the attack was out of character and that Williams was remorseful – describing the attack as ‘despicable’.

Despite Mr Reid’s pleas for a ‘merciful’ sentence, judge Timothy Mousley QC said the crime was ‘too serious’ to be suspended, before handing down the prison term – as well as a life-long restraining order.

The victim’s statement added: ‘I never want to see or hear from him ever again.’