‘I looked down and there was blood... he had stabbed me’

Police at the scene of one of the attacks on women in Cosham
Police at the scene of one of the attacks on women in Cosham
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JURORS heard harrowing phone calls from women who called 999 just seconds after they were stabbed.

Prosecutor Kerry Maylin played the calls at Winchester Crown Court at the trial of Ben Moynihan, who denies three counts of attempted murder over three stabbings in Cosham and in Wymering in Portsmouth last summer.

In the first 999 call the 20-year-old victim was heard crying and breathing quickly after she attacked in Southampton Road near a bus stop.

She told the operator: ‘I’ve just been stabbed, I’ve just been stabbed. There’s blood coming out.’

She added: ‘Some man just walked up behind me and just stabbed me and then ran off.’

In a police video interview played in court, she explained she was walking to her partner’s house.

She said: ‘I heard footsteps behind me. I was on my phone. I looked up. He was really close to me.’

She said she glanced at him as he drew close on Southampton Road near a bus stop, and then looked down at her phone, before the attacker turned to her and flung his arm at her.

‘I thought he had punched me at first,’ she said. ‘My whole body started shaking, I felt really faint.

‘I ran and rang the ambulance as I was running. I kept looking behind me just in case he was coming back.

‘I was more worried because I was bleeding.’

The second victim, 45, told how she said ‘good morning’ to her attacker when out walking her dog in a dark and secluded part of Foxes Forest, Hilsea, on June 29.

Her 999 call was also heard in court in which she repeatedly said: ‘I’ve been stabbed.’

In her police interview she added: ‘As he came shoulder to shoulder with me, his left arm went round as if he was going to hug me.

‘He carried on past me, I turned around and as he ran away from me he had a knife in his hand.

‘He was running toward my dog. I thought “oh my God he’s going to stab my dog”.

The victim said at first she thought she was about to be groped.

She added: ‘I thought “it’s going to be a sexual attack”.

‘His left arm went behind me. I didn’t see the knife until he went past me.

‘I turned round and he was running after my dog and saw the knife in his hand.’

She described how the knife went through three layers of clothing, including her bra, leaving her needing two stitches.

She then called 999 and an ambulance crew and police arrived.

The final victim described in her police interview she thought she had just been touched before looking down and seeing blood.

She was attacked in an alleyway between Colwell Road and Northern Road on July 11 while returning home from shopping.

The 67-year-old said: ‘I heard somebody running.

‘He touched me on the shoulder. Then I looked down and thought “that’s blood, he stabbed me”.’

Ms Maylin told jurors Moynihan had told police he had chosen his third victim because, she was older, saying: said: ‘I didn’t think she would survive.’

She added: ‘He was fascinated with killing, we have his “diary of crazy dreams”, his fascination with serial killers, both in that document entitled “crazy dreams” and the document on his college computer.’

The 18-year-old is charged with three counts of attempted murder over three stabbings in June and July last year.

Moynihan, who was 17 at the time of the attacks, admits wounding the women but denies three counts of attempted murder and also denies alternative charges of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

As reported at the start of the trial, Ms Maylin told jurors Moynihan left a letter calling himself an ‘unhappy geezer’ after the second attack and said he was picking targets as he was a virgin.

Moynihan, of The Ridings, Hilsea, was arrested at the Portsbridge roundabout following the attacks on June 20, June 29 and July 11.

The court heard he said told a police officer that it was not GBH and he was trying to kill.