‘I want justice for what they did to my son’

Nina Toseland
Nina Toseland

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THE mother of a man who was assaulted said she won’t feel justice is served until the attackers are behind bars.

Nine Toseland, 79, is the mother of Andrew Toseland who was attacked last year outside his flat in Garland Court, Forton Road, Gosport.

Earlier this week, one of his attackers pleaded guilty to his part in the vicious attack that left Mr Toseland in need of constant care.

But Mrs Toseland, who lived with her son in Garland Court, has said that justice won’t be served until all the attackers are in prison.

She said: ‘Until we know what the sentence is, we don’t really know what is going to happen.

‘It is good to think that he is going to be sentenced though and that he won’t get away with it.’

Brandon Fisher, 19 and Samuel Armstrong, also 19, will both be sentenced on September 3.

Mrs Toseland added: ‘When they get sentenced, that is when justice is going to happen.

‘My daughter and her husband went to the hearing earlier this week and they said that they will be going to prison.

‘At first, we didn’t know if they would but apparently they will be going to jail.

‘We just don’t know how long for.’

Mr Toseland, 50, is living at Peartree House Rehabilitation Centre, in Bitterne.

The centre specialises in full-time care and stroke victims.

His mother said that Mr Toseland will need 24-hour care for the rest of his life.

‘Since Andrew has come out of his coma, he has improved slightly but he will always need care.

‘He cannot walk and he is incontinent.

‘He can talk but it is not very clear but I think he knows and understands what we say.

‘Andrew got bad a while ago but he is beginning to improve again although he will never be 100 per cent.’

Mr Toseland was attacked last August when he asked a group of teenagers to be quiet outside his flat.

They attacked him causing severe head injuries and doctors had to induce a coma.