‘I was attacked at my own home’ says Gosport man cleared of sex assaults

Christopher Ranson
Christopher Ranson
  • Man cleared two years after indecent assault claims made
  • The 62-year-old said he was attacked over accusation
  • He tells how he was living in fear
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A MAN has told of his horror at being accused of historic sex offences, only to be cleared at a trial two years later.

Christopher Ranson, 62, told The News he was even attacked at his home by a man wielding knuckle-dusters after the claims were made.

Mr Ranson, of Lees Lane, Gosport, was found not guilty by a jury at Portsmouth Crown Court of five charges of indecent assault against a girl between 1974 and 1985.

He said: ‘It’s ruined my life, I’ve been afraid to go out.’

In 2013 the police knocked at Mr Ranson’s home and took him into Gosport police station for an interview over the allegations.

He added: ‘I knew it wasn’t true. Nobody knew, only my family. It’s just been hanging over me for two years.

‘I’m just glad it got to court and got decided.

‘I’m just glad it’s all over and the result was reached.’

He added: ‘I was flabbergasted to think these allegations could come about.’

A jury cleared Mr Ranson after a six-day trial.

But he claims he was attacked shortly before Christmas last year by a man who knew about the allegations.

He said: ‘He punched me a couple of times, he had knuckle-dusters on. He hit me around the ribs and hit me with a monkey wrench.’

Mr Ranson said he did not report the alleged incident to Hampshire police – he did not even tell his family about it.

Talking about the allegations, he said: ‘I want to brush it under the carpet and forget about it now.’

He hopes he will be able to move on after being cleared.

‘I will get over it, give it a couple of months and it will all be forgotten,’ he said.

All of the charges, which Mr Ranson was cleared of, were of indecent assault. The first was between November 3, 1974 and November 4, 1976, when the complainant would have been six. The second charge was between November 3, 1982 and November 4, 1984.

Another multiple-incident count (MIC) was also alleged between November 3, 1980 and November 3, 1983.

An MIC charge was alleged between November 3, 1983 and November 3, 1985 and the final MIC allegation was on the same dates.