Immigration probe as seven teenage stowaways burst out of boat

Ermias Fekade, 37, and Joel Spears, 31, have been found guilty
Ermias Fekade, 37, and Joel Spears, 31, have been found guilty
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SEVEN suspected illegal stowaways leapt out of a boat at a marina sparking a police investigation.

A boat owner had passed through Portsmouth port before taking his boat to Hamble Point Marina on Tuesday afternoon.

When he arrived, seven teenagers left him ‘startled’ after running out from the boat having previously been undetected.

A spokesman for MDL Marinas Group, owner of Hamble Point Marina, said: ‘The boat had come in by road from France, and it was checked at the port by the correct authorities.

‘When the owner got to the MDL marina the seven (people) emerged from his boat.

‘He has absolutely no idea whereabouts they were in the boat.

‘They immediately ran away and this guy was the person who called the police and was fairly shocked to see seven people come out the boat.

‘MDL Marinas called the police and our staff, along with the police, worked to catch up with them.

‘I believe five were caught just before they got out the marina.’

He added: ‘The owner phoned the police as soon as he was startled by these people coming from his boat.’

The News understands Immigration Enforcement has been informed and is aware of the incident, but police are dealing with it.

A Hampshire police spokesman said: ‘We were called to Hamble Point Marina at 2.50pm on 30 January.

‘Seven teenage boys are currently being safeguarded.’