Increase in use of Taser by county’s police force

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TASER was used nearly 300 times by police, government figures show.

Hampshire police deployed the stun gun 288 times in 2016, up from 266 the year before.

But the figures also show out of those, it was discharged only 53 times.

The Home Office data said Hampshire officers drew Taser 76 times, aimed it 20 times, arced three times and used the red dot 136 times.

Police can use Taser in this way, escalating to firing it.

Officers fired it 50 times, used an angled drive stun once and drive stun twice.

Sussex police used it 334 times without discharging and discharged the device 29 times.

Kent and Thames Valley Police used Taser more times than both Sussex and Hampshire, with 307 and 427 uses respectively.

Across the 43 police forces in the country, there were 11,289 but just 1,910 discharges.

John Apter, Hampshire Police Federation chairman, has previously called for more officers to have the device.