Investigation as swan nests disturbed in Havant and Portsmouth

The targeted swan in water off Meyrick Road, Bedhampton. Picture: Robert Bastable
The targeted swan in water off Meyrick Road, Bedhampton. Picture: Robert Bastable
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TWO swan nests have been disturbed and eggs stolen or moved in separate incidents.

Concerned residents have reported youngsters moving a swan egg off Meryick Road, Bedhampton, on Wednesday.

Separately, a man was seen first removing an egg from a nest at Camber Docks, Old Portsmouth, before trying to replace it when challenged.

Planks of wood and branches have been thrown at a swan Bedhampton, pictured left, and one egg taken.

Robert Bastable, 58, of Havant, said: ‘The poor swans are being bombarded with branches and planks.

‘And it’s getting a bit of attention, with people going up there and looking at the swans. It’s a shame, we’ve put some extra fencing up.’

In an incident on April 10 at Old Portsmouth a man was seen picking up an egg.

James Parkin said he saw a man pick it up. He said: ‘I was watching from a nearby building and shouted at him to stop, at which point he dropped the egg and the whole family ran back to the car and drove off. The swans were going berserk and even though the egg was dropped next to the nest, they have ignored it ever since, and the RSPCA told me that they will not touch it since a human handled it – the egg is effectively dead now.’

Cllr Rob Wood said: ‘When contacted, I was upset but determined to help residents make arrangements to deter this outrage in the future.’

Police are investigating an offence of disturbing a nest.

Call police on 101 quoting 44170133855.