Irreplaceable family films stolen by thieves who raided Portsmouth home

CLOSE Jo-Anna Lord, right, with her late mother Edith
CLOSE Jo-Anna Lord, right, with her late mother Edith
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A WOMAN has told of her devastation after burglars stole irreplaceable footage of her late mum in a burglary.

Thieves struck when mum-of-two Jo-Anna Lord was away visiting family for what would have been her mother Edith’s 67th birthday.

On her return she was distraught to discover burglars had ransacked the family home in Glasgow Road, Eastney.

They fled with a Toshiba laptop and a Flip camcorder containing footage of the 43-year-old’s late mum, who died suddenly in August.

She said: ‘It’s been a difficult few months.

‘My mum is from Rochdale and we were there to celebrate her birthday.

‘She has a twin sister and we wanted to be there for her.

‘We had all that emotion and then came back to this.

‘I feel like we’ve been kicked in the teeth.

‘It’s a lot to deal with at the moment.

‘I don’t care about the things, but if they could just put the memory stick in the post anonymously – that’s all I want back.’

The thieves also fled with a 22-carat gold wedding band, a garnet and opal ring, gold hoop earrings and a silver charm bracelet that had been given to six-year-old daughter Isabella as a christening present.

Dad Simon, 42, had been collecting charms from his work travels and adding them to the bracelet to give to her as a gift when she was older.

Detective Constable Amanda Waite is appealing for anyone with information about the burglary, which happened between April 5 and April 14, to contact police.

She said: ‘Burglary offences are one of the worst types of crimes, where no consideration is given to the potential sentimental attachment to items stolen, in this case the video of a parent that has passed away.

‘If members of the public are asked to buy cheap second hand goods it is worth thinking about where they have come from.

‘Residents are advised to be alert to home security and always make sure doors and windows are locked – especially when out of the house and in unoccupied rooms.’

Anyone with information should call Det Con Waite at Fratton station on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.