‘It goes on and on all day’ – anger about noisy birds

Helen Rogers and two of her rare breed chickens, (left) Harriet and (right) Henry. '''''Picture: Allan Hutchings (141116-071
Helen Rogers and two of her rare breed chickens, (left) Harriet and (right) Henry. '''''Picture: Allan Hutchings (141116-071

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NEIGHBOURS told a court how noisy cockerels had made their lives a misery.

Residents said they were kept awake at night because of the calls from cockerels and ducks kept on land off Church Lane, Hambledon – known at St Peter’s Farm.

Helen Rogers, 57, appeared before Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court accused of breaching a noise abatement notice served by Winchester City Council.

Mrs Rogers, who lives in Chichester and whose family own the land, denies breaching the abatement notice and says measures have been taken to make the chickens less noisy, including keeping them in a covered chicken coop.

Adrian Cazalet, a neighbour, said the noise started from 5am and went on until the afternoon.

He said: ‘It’s three times every two minutes. It goes on and on all day.

‘It’s very tedious and tiresome.’

Tony Higham, also a neighbour, said the noise had kept guests awake staying at a holiday cottage he owns and also his pregnant daughter-in-law who had been staying over Christmas.

He added: ‘They have woken me up and have done since March 2012.’

The court heard there were at least three cockerels on the land.

Mr Higham acknowledged that there was another cockerel in the village, but it was on the outskirts.

He said: ‘You make jolly sure you don’t disturb local neighbours.’

A recording was played, taken by environmental health officers, showing the crowing of cockerels and quacking of ducks.

Winchester City Council says the noise abatement notice, served on October 11 last year, was breached three times, on November 5, 7 and 11.

David Ingram, head of environmental health, said: ‘We have always maintained it’s the extent of the crowing and calling from multiple birds on the site.’

The case was adjourned until Monday, when the defence will open its case.