'˜It's better to be safe' police tell the public

POLICE are urging the public to help them tackle terrorism and save lives by reporting suspicious behaviour.

In the UK, 82 per cent of adults said they would report suspicious activity.

Police want to keep this figure high and make sure people have the confidence to talk to officers if they notice anything they believe could be terrorist-related.

Hampshire police is supporting the campaign by their colleagues at the National Counter Terrorism Police.

Detective chief superintendent Kath Barnes, head of Counter Terrorism Policing South East, said: ‘It’s vital the public know that no matter how small the matter might be, if they think it is suspicious then report it.

‘We will take all information seriously, any piece of information could be important. It is better to be safe.’

The ACT – Action Counters Terrorism – campaign, features a new 60-second film based on real-life foiled plots, showing examples of terrorist-related suspicious activity and behaviour, as well as attack planning methodology.