Jail for driver armed with knife caught in Rolls Royce supercar while banned from the roads

The Rolls Royce seized by police after it was driven by Nour Ramdane. Picture: @HCResponseCops
The Rolls Royce seized by police after it was driven by Nour Ramdane. Picture: @HCResponseCops
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A DRIVER caught behind the wheel of a £271,000 Rolls Royce armed with a lock knife and without insurance or a licence has been jailed for eight months.

Nour Ramdane was stopped by police in the ‘borrowed’ Rolls Royce Ghost and searched under the Misuse of Drugs Act on April 9 at the roundabout linking Lake Road and Holbrook Road.

When officers searched Ramdane they found a 10cm lock knife tucked in his waistband.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard Ramdane had leased the vehicle for one or two days for a recording linked to a Fratton music studio.

Mitigating, Howard Barrington-Clark said: ‘He is involved with a new local recording studio. The Rolls Royce is driven to this.’

He added: ‘He no more owns that nor leased it than I have.

‘It was being borrowed from the purpose of being needed for the recording studios.’

Mr Barrington-Clark said a lease document found in the car was not ‘drawn up like a lawyer’ would have done.

‘It’s some sort of personal lease operation,’ he said.

‘He was carrying a knife because “I’ve given the guy a certain sum of money not to lose or damage it – I wanted some protection”.’

Recorder Noel Casey jailed Ramdane for eight months after the 24-year-old, of The Crescent, Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth, admitted a string of charges.

Prosecutor Richard Martin said: ‘The police stopped a Rolls Royce motor car which was driving along Lake Road in Portsmouth.

‘The did their check on the police national computer and they discovered of course this defendant was disqualified from driving.

‘At the time he had no insurance to drive.

‘He was detained for a search under the Misuse of Drugs Act and the officer at the scene started to search the defendant.

‘He was compliant while the officer searched his pockets and legs. As soon as he moved to the waistband area the defendant became very agitated and shouted “don’t search my (private area)”.

‘The officer saw a knife tucked into the defendant’s waistband.

‘The defendant tried pulling away and taking the item before the officer could. Eventually he did. It was a lock knife, 10cm long when folded.’

Ramdane admitted having a blade in public, driving while banned and without insurance, breaching a community order.

Ramdane admitted two charges of breaching a restraining order.

He was found at home in bed with a woman he had harassed.

The court heard she was ‘content’ to be there.

He was also stopped by Border Force coming back from Amsterdam with the woman.

There was no suggestion he forced her to be with him on either occasion.