Jail for drunk man carrying a knife on him for ‘protection’ in Fareham

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A DRUNKEN man spotted with a knife on him in public after he tried to hide from police officers is now behind bars.

Kevin Windebank, 31, was clocked on CCTV shadow boxing outside the Good Intent pub in Trinity Street, Fareham.

Although there were no complaints from anyone in the pub, he was seen to be ‘starting’ on customers from outside the bar, Portsmouth Crown Court heard.

Police attended the scene and issued a dispersal order, in doing so asking him to leave the area near the pub for 12 hours.

Windebank cycled off.

However the court heard that about 15 minutes later the same officers spotted him hiding close to a block of flats in Queens Road, Fareham.

On his arrest he told police he had a lock knife on him and handed it to officers.

He later said he chose to ignore the dispersal order because he wanted to have a conversation with a man who owed him £55.

Uniyme Davies, prosecuting at Portsmouth Crown Court, said Windebank confirmed during interview that he had been ordered to leave the area by police officers.

Miss Davies said: ‘He chose to ignore the dispersal notice because he wanted to have a confrontation with a male who owed him £55.’

The court that Windebank had drunk about 10 cans of medium strength lager and went to get a can of beer after the first warning.

He then ignored the second warning to wait outside the man’s house.

He told the officers he was carrying the knife for protection and had started doing so after a relative of his was stabbed.

In Windebank’s defence the court was told he accepted that he was in drink when the incident happened.

Windebank, of Cambridge Road, Gosport, pleaded guilty to one count of possessing an article with a blade or point in public at shortly after 7pm on April 27.

Addressing Windebank as she sentenced him to four months in jail, Recorder Anne Arnold, said: ‘This is a serious case and it should be treated with the seriousness it deserves.’

Windebank was ordered to pay an £80 victim surcharge.

An order was made for the knife to be forfeited and destroyed.