Jail for thugs who went on a spree of violence in Portsmouth

LOCKED UP Daryl Spicer
LOCKED UP Daryl Spicer
Police outside student accommodation in Stanhope Road, Portsmouth on Friday Picture Ben Fishwick

Man arrested in Portsmouth explosives probe at Stanhope Road student block is released by police

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TWO young men attacked six people in a two-hour ‘orgy of drink-fuelled violence,’ across Portsmouth, a court heard.

Daryl Spicer, 20, and a 17-year-old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, carried out three ‘horrific and unprovoked attacks’ in the city.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard five of their victims needed hospital treatment. One victim was left with a gaping wound across his neck after being slashed with a broken vodka bottle in a ‘gruesome’ offence and is now scarred for life.

A witness said they had never seen so much blood.

Now the two men have each been sentenced to four years’ detention.

The court heard the teenager and Spicer’s rampage started when they confronted three students in Fawcett Road, Southsea, at about 12.45am.

Spicer squared up to the men and the teenager hit them over the head with a vodka bottle, leaving them with concussion.

Punches were also thrown. One man needed five stitches to his head and another needed stitches and had a bruised forearm. The other victim also needed a stitch and suffered cuts.

The attackers then moved on to Bailey’s Road where they set upon another two students.

There, one victim was left needing up to 20 stitches for cuts to his lips and chin after Spicer punched him so hard in the face that one of his teeth broke.

Describing part of the attack in a statement, the other victim said: ‘The tall man [the teenager] punched me in the face.

‘The tall man then slashed me across the lower part of my face with a bottle.’

He added: ‘I immediately felt lots of blood in my mouth. I fell to my hands and knees to spit it out.’

The victim, whose mobile phone was stolen by Spicer, spent three days in hospital as a result of the attack.

The attackers then went to The Foyer, which provides accommodation to homeless young people in Portsmouth, where the teenager swapped his bloodstained clothes with a resident.

They went back out and then approached their sixth victim of the night, behaving aggressively towards him before the teenager stole his mobile phone.

The attackers’ details were circulated and police arrested them in Railway View at 3am on October 13. They were later picked out in ID parades.

The court heard in Spicer’s defence that he was ‘on a path of self-destruction’ that night and his actions were ‘completely out of character’.

The teenager was described as ‘vulnerable’ with a troubled past, and his actions as ‘wholly uncharacteristic behaviour’.

Spicer, who has convictions for 17 previous crimes, admitted three counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, one of unlawful wounding and one of theft.

Spicer was sentenced to four years in a young offenders’ institution and told to pay a £120 victim surcharge.

The other defendant, who has convictions for 14 other offences, admitted three counts of ABH, one of theft and one of wounding with intent.

He was given a four-year detention order and told to pay a £20 victim surcharge.

Sentencing the pair, Recorder James Townsend said: ‘This was a series of quite horrific and unprovoked attacks on a number of men.’

He added: ‘They all received significant injuries, some much worse than others, and putting it simply this was an orgy of drink-fuelled violence.’