Jealous anger led to murder

Marc Lindsey
Marc Lindsey
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HE HAD a history of difficulty in controlling his temper – even attending anger management classes.

But last Christmas Eve, when Marc Lindsey was confronted by the man who had been sleeping with his wife, he lost control in a way which has changed the lives of everyone involved.

Lindsey is today waking up to a life sentence in jail for killing Eddie Vials after Mr Vials came to the Lindseys’ home in Hill Park Road, Gosport, late on December 24 last year.

The father-of-two stabbed Mr Vials once in the heart with a steak knife he had earlier grabbed from the kitchen. Lindsey had discovered earlier in the evening that Mr Vials had been having an affair with his wife Laura Lindsey.

Following a week-long trial at Winchester Crown Court, the seven women and five men on the jury took just over three hours to reach a unanimous verdict that the 35-year-old was guilty of murder.

The judge Mr Justice Burnett sentenced him to life, and he must serve a minimum of 18 years before he can be considered for parole.

During the trial, the court had heard how the Lindseys had had a troubled marriage from the start, which Mr Justice Burnett described during his sentencing as featuring ‘cataclysmic rows.’

Mr Burnett told him: ‘You have been in trouble before. On one occasion you assaulted a neighbour following a dispute and on another threatened another driver in what was a road rage incident.

‘These events are both indicative of your inability to deal with conflict sensibly.

‘The magnitude of what happened on Christmas Eve was different, but the essential failing the same.’

As events unfolded on Christmas Eve, Laura Lindsey, Eddie Vials and his wife Bridgit Vials had been frantically exchanging numerous text messages and phonecalls.

At the same time, Lindsey was becoming increasingly suspicious of his wife’s relationship with Mr Vials, and challenged her about it. She eventually confessed to her husband that she was in love with Mr Vials, 47.

Meanwhile, Mr Vials, at their home in Tintern Road, Gosport, had also told his wife that he loved Mrs Lindsey.

The couples had originally met through a children’s football club.

Mr Justice Burnett said: ‘The text records show that initially Laura wanted Eddie to come round.

‘They had both confessed to loving each other, so it is not surprising that she wanted to see Eddie, and he her, especially as it was well known that there had been violence – both ways – in the course of your marriage. But you implored your wife to tell Eddie not to come. She had asked him not to come.’

At the same time as Mrs Lindsey was on the phone to her lover, telling him not to come round, Mrs Vials called Lindsey to tell him that Mr Vials had physically and mentally abused her during their marriage.

Prosecutor Robert Davies had earlier described Mrs Vials’ phonecall as an ‘unhelpful intervention.’

The judge added: ‘The situation was volatile. You had decided earlier to leave the house because you feared you might be violent to Laura. But Eddie arrived before you could do so.’

During a brief fight in the home’s hallway, Lindsey stabbed Mr Vials once through the chest using a steak knife he had earlier put in his back pocket.

Police later recovered the weapon.

Mr Justice Burnett said: ‘You were not visibly angry but you had been humiliated by Eddie. It was clear your own marriage was over. Laura had told you that a week before, and despite your hopes that it might be salvaged, what you had just learned sealed its fate.’