Judge criticised for giving Portsmouth paedophile ‘a chance’

Danny Taylor-Foote
Danny Taylor-Foote
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A judge has been criticised for giving ‘a chance’ to a man who committed sex offences against girls he met at a disco he ran in Portsmouth.

Danny Taylor-Foote, 22, admitted four counts of inciting two underage girls into sexual activity.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard he met them through a night he had co-organised called Rekless, which was specifically for under-18s at Pure Nightclub, in Guildhall Walk and attracted hundreds of youngsters.

Judge Sarah Munro QC said: ‘Your treatment of them has had a devastating effect on their home life and on their education. They rightly feel that while you have a successful business they are yet to reach their full potential.’

But sentencing Taylor-Foote, of Stubbington Avenue, North End, Portsmouth to two years in prison for the four offences, suspended for two years, she added: ‘This is the chance you need and it is a chance to put all this behind you.’

Her comments drew an angry response from many visitors to The News Facebook page.

Victoria Plomer asked: ‘What is wrong with this country? No one deserves a second chance at something like that.’

Sharon Thompson said: ‘What a nice judge to give him a chance to put it all behind him, she and others like her make this system a farce!!!!!! Shame the victims will never be able to “put it behind them.” Who is going to pick up the pieces of these poor girls lives whilst he’s “putting it behind him”?’

Ryan Cunningham said: ‘This just sums up what a utter shambles the system is. When you abuse vulnerable, innocent, defenceless children’s human rights, it should be mandatory that you also lose all of your own. There should be no second chance.’

Kerry Hutton said: ‘The judge should be sacked.’

Susan Bichard said a jail sentence should have been imposed: ‘This is so wrong he should have been sent to prison’ she said.

Esther Chandler asked: ‘How would the judge react if it was one of her family members?’

Celia Small said: ‘This person should NEVER be free again , what him and his like do is to ruin lives of innocent young people , I do understand some crimes do deserve a second chance but NOT this one ever.’

And Lisa Mooresaid: ‘The law in this country sucks! Lock him up & throw away the key. No chances should be given.’