Judge criticised for ‘lenient’ sentence imposed on paedophile who terrified Portsmouth schoolgirl

Roger Seath
Roger Seath
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A judge has been criticised for not sentencing a paedophile to a longer jail term.

Roger Seath, 42, cornered her against a wall in Southsea.

The judge at Portsmouth Crown Court praised the 14-year-old girl’s actions that made her would-be attacker freeze and alerted a group driving past.

Sentencing Seath to 33 months in prison, judge Anne Arnold said: ‘This was a particularly vulnerable victim – a 14-year-old schoolgirl. She was certainly threatened by you with being spanked.

But the length of the sentence drew widespread criticism on The News Facebook page.

Several also praised the bravery of the girl, who managed to take a picture of Seath during the incident.

Here are some of the comments we received from readers:-

Stan Evans: I’m betting many adults had suspicions about this man but apparently did nothing. It took a sharp, brave young lady, who refused to be a victim to do it. Credit to her.

Steven Stewart: 33 months! Are you actually for real?! You would get longer in this country if you stole an egg. The judge even said he was a danger to young girls.

Mellissa Shaw: What a clever girl, bless her she must of been so scared but still made sure to take the photo! As for him he is scum, lowest of the low. To have the intention to hurt a child is beyond me!!

Gilly Gilroy: Apparently our penal system is in chaos, with overworked prison staff guarding overcrowded jails. The country is referendum crazy at the moment with Brexit and Scottish independence. So let’s have a grown up debate and vote about the death penalty for those who harm children.

Mandie Luxford: Sending love to the girl and her family. He shouldn’t be out ever let alone in the short time he has been sentenced for.

Joy Curtis: 33 months is not a lot I’ve got a granddaughter of 13 and I’m so frightened of her going anywhere on her own cause of men like this man he should of been locked away for good the girl is going to be frightened all her life it’s so wrong the girl is brave and she has helped other girls by getting this man off the street she needs a medal

Jane Beazley: 33 months?????.....and with “good behaviour and no bad thoughts about children” he will be out in no time at all. Steal money or jewels and you get longer in prison.

So I ask, which is the most precious?.

Karen Brodie: Brave girl. Respect to the parents also for giving the girl valuable information on how to deal with the situation if it ever arose...it did, and she dealt with it bravely

Joanna Candler: 33 months in prison?! Shocking considering all the other evidence they found on his phone along with the attack an almost abduction of this young girl.

Sarah Newman: Wonder where they’ll put him when he gets out? If he’s homeless, they’ll have to house him, he’s more dangerous if homeless.

Pamela Linzey Justice? Words fail me......