Judge retires in Southsea pink burger court case

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A JUDGE has retired to consider whether a restaurant should be allowed to sell pink burgers.

Piotr Mientkiewicz and James Baldry’s restaurant 6oz Burgers in Osborne Road, Southsea, has been taken to court by Portsmouth City Council over undercooked burgers.

The pair had served pink burgers but the council wants a civil order – called a hygiene emergency prohibition order – banning them from doing so.

They cannot currently serve the burger.

The burger bar continues to open, but diners now have to walk past a health notice next to the door.

Yesterday barristers representing both sides gave their closing arguments at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court.

Malcolm Gibney, representing the city council, said issuing the notice was ‘perfectly proper’ and dismissed the application for compensation.

District Judge Anthony Callaway will deliver his judgment in the next week or so.