Judge tells Roxanne Davis and Samuel Davies during baby death sentencing: ‘you systematically lied about your drug-taking and to police’

The judge who sentenced Roxanne Davis and Samuel Davies to 10 years each in prison for their part in the death of a 24-day-old baby said that the pair were both liars. 

Judge Jane Miller QC, sitting at Winchester Crown Court, presented a damning picture of the couple.

Samuel Davies and ex-partner Roxanne Davis. Picture: Hampshire Constabulary/PA Wire

Samuel Davies and ex-partner Roxanne Davis. Picture: Hampshire Constabulary/PA Wire

She said: ‘Samuel you did most of the caring for Stanley while you Roxanne you used his devotion and let him carry out all the dirty jobs when you weren’t using Stanley as a fashion accessory.

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‘Roxanne, you were the more dominant character and more manipulative in the relationship.

‘You both had hot tempers - there was pushing and shoving and damage caused to the flat.’ 

Stanley Davis Picture: Hampshire Constabulary/PA Wire

Stanley Davis Picture: Hampshire Constabulary/PA Wire

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Referring to the police video when officers turned up at their flat after reports of a fight, the judge said: ‘It showed you Samuel as being very angry and gave a good insight into how you both were.

‘You both cooked up a story about what the fight was about blaming one of Samuel’s friends but it was really a violent fight between you two.’

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Speaking of a bruise discovered behind Stanley’s ear, she said: ‘Stanley had a large visible bruise when he was 12 days old which both of you knew about and tried to hide from the health visitor after putting your heads together.

‘You knew Stanley had been significantly injured through non-accidental violence and you did not take any steps to prevent it happening again.’

Of the injuries sustained to Stanley on at least three occasions, though ‘probably more’, the judge spelt out the suffering of baby Stanley. ‘He would have cried inconsolably for anything between 10-30 minutes so it is hard to accept the other person would not have known what had happened. Stanley was in pain for much of his life.’

Speaking of how the fatal injury may have been caused, the judge said: ‘The final brutal attack could have been caused by Stanley being thrown across the room and could have taken place during the same incident when he was shaken.’

The judge added: ‘You both systematically lied about your drug taking and to police. You did not blame each other to begin with until in the end Roxanne you put all the blame on Samuel and then Samuel gave evidence in court saying he saw Roxanne shaking Stanley.’