Jurors restrained in court to show detainee’s death

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Ruby Antoine. Picture: Hertfordshire Police

Teenage girl with links to Portsmouth is missing

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JURORS were put in handcuffs to experience first-hand how an Angolan deportee would have felt in his final moments aboard an aeroplane before he collapsed and died.

Six of the 12-strong jury chose to sit in a mock-up of a Boeing 777 in the place where Jimmy Mubenga was pinned down for more than 30 minutes.

It formed part of the manslaughter case against G4S guards accused of causing the death of the 46-year-old by restraining him while the plane taxied for take-off at Heathrow airport

Terrence Hughes, 53, from Portsmouth, Colin Kaler, 52, of Kempston and Stuart Tribelnig, 39, from Surrey, deny manslaughter.

Mr Justice Spencer cleared the dock and public gallery to enable any of the jurors who wanted to be put in the same type of rigid double-locking handcuffs Mr Mubenga was put into.

Only the judge, court staff, a police officer and representatives’ lawyers were allowed to stay, as well as a journalist from the BBC and the Press Association.