Jury asked: How did suspect know identity of torso on beach?

Police are looking for information after the incident. Picture: Chris Moorhouse

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THE jury in the trial of a man accused of killing his friend and cutting him up has been asked to reject any claims that it was manslaughter and to find him guilty of murder.

When presenting the closing speech for the Crown’s case after three weeks of evidence, Nigel Lickley QC, said that defendant David Hilder could not claim diminished responsibility at the time of the killing.

David Hilder, of Richmond Road in Southsea, is accused of killing and dismembering David Guy between June 30 and July 3 last year.

The trial, at Winchester Crown Court has heard much about the relationship between the two, often described as close friends.

Mr Lickley said: ‘The bigger, older man, dominating the younger, smaller, heavy drinking, more intelligent man.

‘Was there tension there?’

‘David Hilder, despite what people say about his many good qualities, was violent to David Guy.’

Last week, the court heard from forensic psychiatrist Dr John Sandford who interviewed Hilder in prison last November. He said that Hilder had been suffering from a ‘dissociative fugue’ which caused him to lose his memory and was triggered by a traumatic event.

Dr Sandford also described Hilder as having a mild learning disability and an IQ in the bottom one per cent.

But Mr Lickley said: ‘I say this is not a case of diminished responsibility. Mild learning disability and a low mood doesn’t mean this case can be reduced from murder to manslaughter.’

And he went on to explain that even if Hilder did slip into a fugue state, at the time of the killing and the disposal of the body, he was in control.

When Hilder turned up at Shoreham police station on the morning of July 5 wanting to speak to an officer the 47-year-old told them: ‘I think I’ve killed someone.’

And later when talking to them he mentioned Mr Guy. At that stage, it had only been released to the media that a torso had been found on Southsea beach. It was only later in the day that it was identified as Mr Guy through DNA.

Mr Lickley added: ‘At 9am, or thereabouts, he was the only person on the planet who knew David Guy had been murdered. Only the killer knew, only the murderer, and that was David Hilder.’