Jury shown CCTV footage of driver and cyclist in ‘tug of war’

Sebastian Baj arrives at Portsmouth Crown Court
Sebastian Baj arrives at Portsmouth Crown Court

JURORS have been shown CCTV footage of a ‘tug of war’ between a cyclist and driver in the street.

Sebastian Baj, 33, is on trial at Portsmouth Crown Court accused of dangerous driving and assault by beating.

He is accused of leaving Ian Baskeen ‘frightened’ to get back on his bike for weeks after the incident.

Footage played in court by police staff investigator Samantha Nother showed the pair travelling close together along Fratton Way and up Rodney Road in Fratton.

In opening the case prosecutor Charles Parry said Baj abruptly pulled out in front of Mr Baskeen at the roundabout linking Fawcett Road and Goldsmith Avenue in his Vauxhall Vectra, before proceeding to hit him on the back and confront him later.

The footage played yesterday shows Baj’s Vauxhall Astra parked on the pavement outside a car dealership with the cyclist and Baj tussling over the bike.

Giving evidence on Monday, Mr Baskeen said: ‘It did not look like he [Baj] saw me. It made me brake and swear under my breath.

‘I went on past the Shell garage and took a left.

‘That’s where he got out of his car right near the roundabout and hit me.

‘Where I was moving, it was like someone patting my back. But it would have hurt more if I was not moving.

‘I was scared and I wanted to get away.’

Minutes later – after the pair continued moving up Fratton Way – Baj swerved on to the pavement near a car dealership in Rodney Road to confront Mr Baskeen, the jury heard.

The cyclist said: ‘He got out of his car and charged at me. I felt frightened and I thought I would hit his car with one of the bike locks on my handlebars as a warning. I know I should not have done it.’

Mr Parry said the pair then exchanged words by the side of the road and played a ‘tug of war’ over Mr Baskeen’s bike, before police arrived.

While he did not see Mr Baskeen get slapped, witness Gary Murphy pulled over after he saw Baj pull over in Rodney Road.

Giving evidence, he said: ‘He swerved straight on to the pavement – in front of the bike.

‘The car gave no signal he was stopping. I heard a bang on the car – then there was then a tussle between the two of them over the pushbike.’

Edward Hollingsworth, for Baj, yesterday asked PSI Nother if officers who responded to a 999 call, and a man who made the 999 call, had made statements.

She said they had not.

Baj, of Estella Road, Buckland, Portsmouth, denies the charges against him.

He told police Mr Baskeen gesticulated at him and he pulled over, Mr Parry said.