Jury watched video of murder accused sipping lager as she is arrested

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A WOMAN in a wheelchair accused of a stabbing murder sipped from a can of lager as she was arrested by police, jurors watched in a video.

Victoria Arthur, 44, is on trial accused of killing Nadine Burden, 36, by stabbing her seven times in Toronto Road, Fratton in January.

Body-worn video played to a jury showed Arthur sitting partially-clothed in the living room of her partner Julie Palmer, in Westminster Place, Buckland, in Portsmouth.

Footage recorded by a police officer’s camera played at Salisbury Crown Court showed Arthur sitting on a sofa as she was arrested on suspicion of murder at 2.17am on January 29, just hours after Ms Burden was found in her hallway.

Jurors heard Arthur, of Milton Road, variously said ‘oh my god’, ‘I’ve been arrested for murder?’, ‘oh man’ and ‘I haven’t murdered anyone’ as she was arrested.

The court heard she added: ‘Allegation for murder? Where’s this come from?’

Nadine Burden

Nadine Burden

Officers did not allow her to use her wheelchair as they wanted it to preserve it so she was taken outside holding on to two PCs, jurors were told.

CCTV showing Arthur from outside Shirin kebab house, in Kingston Road, was also shown to jurors yesterday.

Messages between Ms Burden’s phone and Ms Palmer’s phone in the days before the death were read out.

The jury previously heard Ms Burden owed £100 to Ms Palmer, Arthur’s partner.

Forensics officers enter a home in Toronto Road

Forensics officers enter a home in Toronto Road

A message on January 9 from Ms Burden’s phone to Ms Palmer’s phone said ‘it was lovely spending time with you both, getting to know you’, adding, ‘finally putting a face to a name’.

Then on January 13 part of a message from Ms Palmer’s phone said ‘just quickly, when are you giving me the money?’

A January 21 message from Ms Burden’s phone said ‘girls I’m fed up and depressed and going to bed,’ adding: ‘love you more than you could ever know’.

Ms Burden was found injured at 11.45pm on January 28.

A toxicologist found that cocaine and chemical constituents of heroin had been taken by Ms Burden within the 12 hours before her death.

Arthur denies murder.