Just one fine handed out in dog fouling crackdown by Havant Borough Council

A Havant council dog warden on patrol
A Havant council dog warden on patrol
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JUST one £75 fine has been given out since a fresh clampdown was launched on dog fouling.

On October 22 Havant Borough Council announced that rangers in plain clothes would be patrolling the parks, open spaces and streets.

Since then one fine has been given out in Leigh Park.

Officials said council staff in uniform have talked to more than 30 members of the public regarding information that may lead to offenders being caught.

Councillor Tony Briggs, who leads enforcement, admitted it was more difficult for rangers to catch dog fouling offences.

He said: ‘It’s a bit more difficult to actually catch a dog doing its business with the owner and issuing a ticket.

‘It’s not as easy as someone walking down the street and dropping litter.

‘The message is getting around that we are about and we are not wearing high-visibility jackets.

‘People have got their eye out for somebody around the parks. They are picking it up, which is brilliant.’

Five council rangers are patrolling the parks between 5.30am and 10pm, among other duties they perform.

Wardens from Kingdom – who are contracted by the council to patrol the town centres to give out litter fines – are not part of the plain clothes scheme.

As reported, the hiring of Kingdom has resulted in more than 2,280 litter fines being given out since May, with a total of 2,209 being given out for dropping cigarette ends.

When figures were released in October, six fines had been given out for dog fouling by Kingdom wardens during town centre patrols.

Cllr Briggs said: ‘The bottom line is it’s not about the number of people we issue tickets to. It’s about educating people to ensure they clean up after their dog.’

He added: ‘If you look in our litter bins in the shopping centres, we have more litter in the bins than out nowadays. It’s been successful but there’s still work to do and we will continue to do it.’

Areas being patrolled by rangers are: Front Lawn Rec; Hermitage Stream open space; Stockheath Common; Bartons Green; Bidbury Mead; Scratchface Lane Rec; Hayling Beachlands; Hayling Park; Mengham Park; Waterlooville Rec; Northney; Cowplain Rec; Emsworth Rec; Hayling Billy Trail; Cowplain Rec; Havant Park and Purbrook Heath.