Just one in three know police boss

Simon Hayes
Simon Hayes
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HAMPSHIRE’S police and crime commissioner said there is more work to be done after a poll revealed only one in three people know they have one.

But Simon Hayes is optimistic after statistics from a study suggested more people know about him now compared with a year ago, when only 15 per cent of the electorate voted in Hampshire.

He took over the role at Hampshire Police Authority last year to manage the budgets and oversee the running of the police force.

Mr Hayes said: ‘I’m encouraged by the report, though obviously there is more work to be done.

‘We’ve been doing work with Portsmouth City Council by implementing schemes like the Safer Portsmouth Partnership to raise awareness about the role of crime commissioner.’

The BBC poll said 68 per cent of over-65s are aware they had a PCC in their area, compared with 51 per cent of 18 to 24-year olds.

The commissioner’s Youth Commission scheme hopes to tackle this problem by involving young people in the prevention of crime.

Mr Hayes said: ‘Youth Commission is in pilot format at the moment but it’s a meaningful way of engaging young people.

‘For me, it’s a social change agenda to prevent crime and find out why crime happens in the first place.

‘When I came into office I said I wouldn’t spend any more and yet I have greater responsibility so the public is getting more for their money.

‘My job is to restructure the police service so we can deliver neighbourhood policing across Hampshire at the same high-standard it is now.’

He added: ‘What I need to do is tell people about what I’m doing and to ask people to contact me with their views.’