Karl Law’s relatives find body - but it is not missing Fareham man

Karl Law
Karl Law
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RELATIVES searching the streets of Prague for missing man Karl Law made a grim discovery when they came across a body.

Steve Stock, one of Karl’s cousins, found the remains of a man but confirmed it was not his missing relative from Fareham.

Family members and friends have been looking all over the Czech capital for Karl since his disappearance while on a stag do last month.

Mr Stock made the grim discovery in an old industrial area of the city yesterday afternoon.

‘We were walking along the river sort of near our hotel when we got to a bridge,’ he said.

‘There was a bit of a barricade. We had walked along there before and did not check it. I thought I would go over it and have a look.

‘I jumped over and saw some legs.

‘I looked around the corner and it was a man.

‘I know my cousin and did not think it was him.

‘I had a look and it was not him. I shouted to the others to call the police.

‘Before I went back, I had another look. I took a closer look – I was about three feet away. I jumped back over and was a bit freaked out by it.

‘Then I went and had a third look to make sure. I am still feeling shocked by it all.

‘We are not going to give up looking for Karl.’

Czech identification was later found on the man’s 

Steve said the private investigator hired by the family had already searched the area.

‘We worked with him for four or five days but he said he will come back to us if he hears anything,’ he said.

‘We are going to have to change our search pattern as we have had some positive sightings around the homeless people.

‘We will possibly start sleeping in the day and going out at night when they are more easy to find.

‘The donations from people at home are helping us. We may be out here for a while.’

Asked about the police help, he added: ‘They are noticing us now. – I think they are on it.’