Kens Fried Chicken shop workers jailed for attack on sailors

FOUR chicken shop workers have been jailed after launching an '˜extremely violent' attack on two sailors.

Tuesday, 8th March 2016, 6:01 am
Portsmouth Crown Court

Servicemen Jonathon Hairsine and Shaun Perry were both injured in the horror attack captured on CCTV outside Ken’s Fried Chicken in Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth.

Sentencing the four attackers, judge Sarah Munro QC said the brawl was partly due to the hostility that the shop workers showed on the night towards anyone they thought was in the armed forces.

Shocking footage played in court shows Mr Hairsine at the fast-food counter asking for boneless chicken and flicking the meal back when served chicken on the bone.

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Moments later shop security Basri Kryemadhi grabs Mr Hairsine, hauling him out of the shop into the street.

Mr Hairsine – who now suffers with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression – is kicked on the ground as he spins around trying to fend off attackers on October 23, 2014.

Mr Perry then comes out of the shop followed by Mohammed Ali and pushes Kryemadhi away from his friend.

Mr Perry was chased up the street as Farhad Salim and Kryemadhi kick and punch him repeatedly.

Footage shows Mr Hairsine standing up and punching a bar worker who approaches him, mistakenly thinking he was about to be attacked.

The worker, Ashley Appleby, was floored with the single punch. The court heard Mr Appleby told police he accepted Mr Hairsine thought he was going to attack him.

The judge added: ‘I’m satisfied that the escalation of the violence that you were all involved in was partly due to the emotional charge of seeing what had happened to Mr Appleby.

‘I understand that but it’s absolutely no excuse for the continued sustained violence in which you were all involved.’

Another Ken’s worker, Richmond Bestun, then gets involved kicking Mr Hairsine’s upper body as Kryemadhi kicked his legs and groin.

Ali and Kryemadhi then calm down.

But Bestun then throws a plastic bottle full of water at Mr Hairsine’s head and Salim continues to attack him hitting him over the head several times with a bin.

Addressing the defendants, judge Munro said: ‘The incident in which you all became involved was an extremely violent and unpleasant one.’

The judge added: ‘In my view this violence by all of you was partly caused by antagonism you felt that night towards people who you believed were members of the armed forces.’

Mr Hairsine now also suffers from a facial tic and when under stress he shows symptoms of Tourette’s Syndrome.

Paul Fairley, prosecuting, said: ‘Both men have found the incident and the fallout from the incident devastating.’

Both men suffered ‘significant physical injuries’, the judge said.

None of the four defendants have previous convictions.

Edward Hollingsworth, for dad-of-one Salim, said: ‘This incident was entirely out of character.’

Kelly Brocklehurst, for professional security Kryemadhi, said he had a ‘brief moment of madness’ that was ‘book-ended’ by acting professionally at the start and end of the incident.

Sam Barker said Ali was ‘exceptionally sorry’.

Stephen Parish, for Bestun, said his client pleaded guilty.

The judge said Mr Hairsine did not utter ‘racial taunts’ the four defendants alleged.

All men were charged with affray.

Bestun, 25, of Craswell Street, Landport, pleaded guilty and was jailed for six months. Salim, 35, of Earlsdon Street, Southsea, pleaded guilty and was jailed for eight months.

Kryemadhi, 37, of Queen Street, Portsea, was convicted after a trial and jailed for eight months.

Ali, 34, of Fratton Way, Southsea, was convicted after a trial and was jailed for eight months.