Kidnap accused tells jury: ‘I thought she needed help’

Perry Abbey
Perry Abbey

A STUDENT accused of kidnapping a woman while pretending to be a taxi driver told a jury he was ‘determined’ to get her home.

Perry Abbey was giving evidence on the fourth day of his trial at Portsmouth Crown Court, where he denies kidnap and sexually assaulting the woman in the early hours of a May day in 2016.

He is accused of telling her he was a taxi driver and taking her from Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth, before she jumped out of his moving BMW near Newlands Lane, Waterlooville.

Dad-of-three Abbey, 39, of Grove Road North, Southsea, told jurors she asked for a ‘lift’ in the car park behind Yates’s pub.

Asked why he agreed, Abbey said: ‘Because I thought she genuinely needed help.’

He said when she was sitting in the car, which he had only just valeted with his partner, the woman asked him about his Southampton university student ID card, which was on display.

He told the jury she gave him a postcode for an address but it was in Gosport and the pair ended up driving around.

‘We were talking, having conversation,’ he said.

‘I was more than determined to drive her home.’

He ended up driving around near Waterlooville, he said, adding: ‘I was turning into one road, she would tell me it’s not this one, I would turn to another one she would say the same.’

Abbey said the woman was sitting facing him. He added he was scratching an ‘unbearable’ itch on his ‘private part’ after having shaved previously.

He added: ‘We’re still having conversation, I told her that we’ve been driving for a while and it doesn’t seem like we’re going anywhere, maybe the best thing to do is to turn around and take her back to Guildhall.’

Asked why he ‘had had enough’, Abbey said he was low on diesel and had church at 9am.

He told jurors she said ‘why don’t you take me to yours’ but said no. Abbey added the woman then put her hand in his trousers and touched his genitals, with him pushing her hand away.

She then asked him to stop so she could urinate, and he drove off, dimming his lights so she didn’t think he was ‘disrespecting’ her.

A forensics expert told jurors yesterday that findings favoured the view that DNA was deposited as a result of sexual activity, rather than Abbey’s claim.