Kidney donor dad couldn’t get home back

HOME WOE Luis Goncalves (front in purple), nine, with twin brother Joe and dad Ed, 45.
HOME WOE Luis Goncalves (front in purple), nine, with twin brother Joe and dad Ed, 45.
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IT WAS a father and son’s only wish to return home after they were discharged from hospital after a transplant.

But Ed Goncalves, 45, of Gosport, had to apply for a possession order to get his home back from the tenant living there in Broadsands Drive, in Gosport.

According to a letter from Ed’s solicitor seen by The News, he and wife Siobhan are owed £2,919.54 in rent arrears.

It also said Dawn Clark, 33, who lives at the property with her young children, must leave by June 4. They have lived at the property since November 23.

As previously reported, Ed gave his nine-year-old son Luis a kidney in April and had been living-in at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

He said moving back home after being discharged earlier this month would have given a ‘semblance of normality.’

Instead they had temporarily had to stay at a campsite and then a friend’s home in Titchfield.

‘All we wanted after a year that was very difficult for Luis and the rest of us was just to be able to get home,’ he said.

‘For Luis to be sleeping in his own bed, rather than a hospital bed and for him to be in his own bedroom. After the year that he’s had, it was the least that he deserves.’

As reported, Luis suffered from end-stage renal failure and needed a kidney, which Ed donated to him. Both were originally due to go under the knife in February but this was delayed.

And it was in January a section 8 notice was issued against the tenants, Dawn Clark and Michael Yates.

It sought to give Ed and family possession of the house.

The document, seen by The News, said £1,600 rent was due.

It said legal action to get a possession order would take place on February 15.

Ed said this was not done until May 21 as Luis had complications with his treatment and the family were focused on that.

Speaking to The News, Ms Clark said a problem with housing benefit payments meant the rent was not paid.

She said the tenancy agreement incorrectly had Mr Yates on it and therefore housing benefit was not paid as it appeared he was living at the address.

Both Ms Clark and Mr Yates said he did not live at the address and lives at a relative’s home.

She said payments resumed after the contract was amended.

She said: ‘Until the court issues a section 8 notice and a date to be out of there then you have all the rights to be in that property.

‘We were in arrears from the beginning but they have been getting paid. I can understand how he feels with the money.

‘They will get paid but it will have to be some sort of arrangement between me and the solicitor as to what I can pay and when.

‘Now we’ll have to find another home.

‘If I was given a notice to move out at the beginning of the year, and I was given official paperwork, I would have been down there [the council].’