Killer’s weapon was taken from kitchen

Marc Lindsey
Marc Lindsey
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WHEN police first arrived at Hill Park Road late on Christmas Eve, PC Benjamin Light was quickly beckoned over by Marc Lindsey.

He told the court that Lindsey said to him: ‘It was me, I did it, arrest me,’and put his arms out in a gesture to be handcuffed.

However, over the next three days and more than seven hours of police interviews, Lindsey replied: ‘No comment’, to every question put to him, which he later claimed in court was on legal advice.

Lindsey claimed he picked up the murder weapon from where it had been left on a table in the hallway. He said he had left it there earlier in the day after using it to remove tags from Christmas presents he had been wrapping upstairs.

But the judge rejected this, agreeing with the Crown’s case that Lindsey had taken a steak knife from the kitchen when he knew Eddie Vials was coming round and put it in his back pocket.

Senior investigating officer Detective Inspector Adam Price said: ‘This is a tragic case where an argument between two men ended in a murder as Marc Lindsey chose to arm himself with a knife.

‘It clearly demonstrates the danger of picking up a knife in anger, and the harm that can then be caused. Our thoughts remain with both families who have dealt with this tragedy in such a conciliatory manner.’