‘Killer’ told shop owner of worries about his actions

CCTV picture of a man alleged to be David Hilder as he rides on his distinctive bike  past South Parade Pier at 4.37am on July 1, 2012.
CCTV picture of a man alleged to be David Hilder as he rides on his distinctive bike past South Parade Pier at 4.37am on July 1, 2012.
One of the seven stolen signs from the Isle of Wight. Picture: Hampshire Constabulary

Warning over fears stolen vintage signs worth £1,400 could be sold in Portsmouth

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THE man accused of killing a friend and dumping his body parts in the sea told a shop owner he thought he had done something ‘horrible’, a court has heard.

David Hilder, who is standing trial for killing David Guy between June 30 and July 3 last year, made the comments as he visited Adelphi Books on Albert Road in Southsea.

Hilder, 47, of Richmond Road in Southsea, went to the store after returning from Sussex where he had appeared in a confused state at Shoreham police station at 9am on July 4. He told police there: ‘I think I have killed someone.’

Robert Smith, the owner of Adelphi Books had known Hilder for more than a decade as he was a regular customer, usually visiting once or twice a month.

In a statement read out at Winchester Crown Court, Mr Smith said: ‘At some time in late afternoon on July 5 I had some customers in the shop when David came in alone.

‘I noticed David appeared troubled and distressed.

‘He told me he had been feeling ill over the last few days. He was eating some kind of fast food from a polystyrene container and he told me that was the first time he’d eaten that day.

‘He looked tired and thinner than usual and looked like he hadn’t been looking after himself.

‘He said he thought he had done something that was wrong or horrible.

‘He said he had made inquiries but he had been told he hadn’t done anything so he shouldn’t worry.

‘He didn’t elaborate any more and I was trying to serve a customer at the time so although I was sympathetic to him I couldn’t really talk to him very much.’

Detective Inspector David Dilly and Detective Sergeant Stephen Mardon went to White Heather Transport in Richmond Road, where Hilder worked, to ask its owner Graham Brook if he knew of Hilder’s whereabouts at about 6pm on July 5.

However, they saw Hilder on the street, walking across from his flat. Once they had confirmed his identity, they took him into the garage’s office where he was arrested.

While they waited for uniformed officers to come and take Hilder in to custody at Waterlooville police station, Det Sgt Mardon told the court: ‘Mr Hilder said: “I went out for a drink on Friday. Don’t remember anything after that”.

‘It was a minute or so after he was arrested.

He then said: “If I did it, I’m going to be inside for a long time”.’

The dismembered torso of 30-year-old Mr Guy was found on Southsea beach on July 3.


n The call Hilder made from outside Shoreham police station can be heard online at portsmouth.co.uk