Landlord tells how he was beaten with pipe in Waterlooville pub robbery

Frank Doyle
Frank Doyle
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A GRANDFATHER has spoken of the moment two men attacked him in his pub with a pipe.

Frank Doyle, 62, had sent the last customers on their way from The Wellington pub, in London Road, Waterlooville, and locked up for the night before heading upstairs to his flat.

In the kitchen, two men were waiting for him. One smashed him round the head with a pole with bolts on the end.

Mr Doyle, a grandfather, tackled one of the robbers but the other grabbed him and forced him to the ground.

Mr Doyle said: ‘I locked up the bar as usual. Earlier I had been down to the cellar to tap a barrel. The two people must have got in when I was down there.

‘The customers wouldn’t have seen them enter because they would have gone up from the back. They broke a chain on the back gate.’

As Mr Doyle entered the darkened kitchen, two figures stepped towards him.

He said: ‘One was holding a white plastic pipe. It appeared to have nuts at either end to add weight.

‘I knew it was a robber straight away.

‘The guy with the pipe struck me on the side of the head. It didn’t feel like it hurt at the time but I felt the blood coming down the side of my face.

‘I hit him and managed to get him to the floor but the other guy got on my back. They were shouting, “where’s the money? Where’s the money?”.’

Mr Doyle refused to hand over the keys but they managed to grab them. While one ran down to the safe the other warned Mr Doyle to stay on the floor.

They tried to find his mobile phone to stop him calling police when they’d gone but he managed to keep it from them. They made off with £3,500.

Despite the ordeal Mr Doyle opened as usual the next day.

He said: ‘It wasn’t a case of being scared. It all happened so quickly I didn’t get chance to feel scared. I’ve been in the pub trade since I was 17 and never experienced anything like that.

‘The police forced me to go to the hospital, I didn’t want to go. But I’m glad they did because I ended up with four stitches. I had a few hours off the next day when someone offered to do a few hours. Apart from that it’s business as usual.’

Mr Doyle described the two men as white with local accents.

Anyone with information should contact Waterlooville CID by phoning 101 or Crimestopperrs on 0800 555 111.