Leading firefighter relives the scene of drink-driver’s death

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A FIREFIGHTER has told of his sadness at the death of a drink-driver killed in a crash.

Watch manager Craig Gregory from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service was called to the scene of the smash in which the woman died.

The 23-year-old - whose family wishes to remain anonymous - was killed instantly after the blue Vauxhall Corsa she was driving crashed into a van.

Tests later revealed the woman was four times over the drink-drive limit when the smash happened.

She was less than a mile from home when the tragedy happened in November last year.

Watch manager Gregory has now told of his experience in the third of a series of films released by Hampshire police as part of the force’s Don’t Get Smashed campaign against drink-driving,

He said: ‘I realised there was alcohol involved in the incident when we did a closer inspection of the car that the fatality happened in.

‘There [were] beer cans strewn across the road and the vehicle itself and also when we made a closer inspection there was a strong smell of alcohol inside the car

‘During this period the father of the girl came down to the scene and actually looked at the crash scene, which, you know, must have been quite harrowing for himself to actually look at.

‘Following his visit and the the police in their investigation we assisted the police with the removal of the deceased person from the vehicle.’

He added: ‘Obviously for members of the fire service it was quite harrowing to actually deal with a deceased person and also some of the crew I had that evening, it was the first time they had seen a fatality and been involved in a road traffic accident with a fatality.’

This Christmas the woman’s grieving father is supporting Hampshire police’s Don’t Get Smashed drink-drive campaign in a bid to deter people from getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.

The blue Vauxhall Corsa his daughter was driving on the night she died is being displayed across the county to provide a stark reminder of the dangers of drink-driving.

The car will be at Guildhall Walk in Portsmouth on December 12 and at Gunwharf Quays in the city on December 21.

To report a suspected drink-driver in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight or Thames Valley text 80999 with details of the car, direction of travel, licence plate and time.