Leaf blower, bikes and phones stolen from local councils

MISSING War medals
MISSING War medals

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ITEMS worth thousands of pounds have been stolen from councils in the area, The News can reveal.

Thieves took council property including Second World War medals, bikes, laptops and phones to a total cost of nearly £46,500.

MISSING A leaf blower

MISSING A leaf blower

A Freedom of Information request shows Portsmouth City Council had items worth £5,890 stolen, Gosport’s council £2,695, and Hampshire County Council £37,890.

Medals stolen from Portsmouth’s museums included four Second World War campaign medals, taken from the D-Day Museum. All were returned after an appeal run in The News in May 2013.

But a palaeolithic flint handle stolen between 2010-11 has never been recovered. And a thief took a back pack leaf blower worth £350 from the top of an open trailer.

The request also revealed laptops worth £28,000 were stolen from a county council facility.

As reported, they were destined for Brune Park School, in Gosport.

Gosport’s council had three bikes worth £690 each stolen from its bike shed at the Town Hall, along with 25 barriers worth £625 stolen from Grange Farm Nursery.

Cllr Mark Hook is the leader of the borough authority.

He said: ‘It’s the problem of today’s society. The items have all got a value for scrap.

‘We have to remain vigilant and have to make sure everything is secure.

‘While it’s disappointing that anything gets stolen, at least the value is negligible to the amount that we have.

‘However, any loss is not acceptable.’

The requests also revealed items lost by councils.

Portsmouth City Council had initially logged that it had lost a file about a young person temporarily placed in the city.

It was reported lost in July this year after it was not received at Southampton City Council, where it was due to be sent. Stephen Kitchman, head of children’s social care and safeguarding, said: ‘There was no loss of documents or information in this case.

‘It was not received by Southampton and at first we were concerned that it might have gone missing in the post.

‘However, the file was later found in the office. An admin error had resulted in it being filed rather than posted.’

He added the misplaced file caused no problems as Southampton could access the document electronically.

Nothing was lost or stolen from Havant Borough Council or Fareham Borough Council between November 1 last year and the same date this year.


Portsmouth City Council - stolen

· Vacuum cleaner worth £100, extension lead worth £25, and box of soap worth £10 from Nickleby House store cupboard.

· Back pack leaf blower, worth £350 from Lower Forbury Road in 2012.

· Roof rack, worth £116 from a van in March 2013.

· Keys from locked office, worth £400 (cost of replacement locks) from Copperfield House in September 2013.

· British Empire Medal worth £275, 1939-1945 Campaign Medal Star worth £50, 1939-45 Campaign Medal France and Germany Star worth £50, 1939-45 Defence Medal worth £50 and 1939-1945 War Medal worth £50, in 2012-13.

· 1940 George Medal worth £1,800 and 1936 Berlin Olympics badge worth £150 in 2012-13.

· Palaeolithic flint hand axe worth £200 in 2010-11

· One rechargeable battery charger from a desk, two memory cards from a desk, one USB blackberry phone lead and one camera battery charger in 2013.

· Three mobile phones with council contacts and numbers, worth £30 each.

· Three 120v transformers worth £45.99 and a core drill set worth £54.27 from Buildbase in September 2013.

· Laptop worth £578 from corporate communications staff member’s home in August 2013.

Portsmouth City Council - lost

· File sent from Portsmouth Children’s Social Care - logged as lost but had been filed.

· Two screwdrivers worth £10.

· Trolley worth £146 in July 2013.

Gosport Borough Council - stolen

· Three push bikes worth £689.95 each from bike shed at Town Hall.

· 25 pedestrian barriers worth £25 each from Grange Farm Nursery.

· Cycle hoops and 50 Marshall red route cycle stands from Grange Farm Nursery

Hampshire County Council - stolen

· Stock from Havant Day Service worth £499 in December 2012.

· Laptops worth £28,470 from Nashe Way in June 2013.

· Others items not in the area worth around £8,920.

Items lost and stolen worth around £46,500