Leave lights on deter opportunist burglars

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WITH the winter nights drawing in police have issued a reminder on how to keep your home safe.

Inspector Dave Humphries, from Waterlooville police, said now the clocks have gone back it is important to carry out security checks.

‘In the winter a lack of lights on in a house during darker evenings can indicate that no-one is home, attracting opportunist burglars to look further for insecurities to enter a property,’ said Insp Humphries.

‘The invasion and violation of someone’s privacy, accompanied by thefts of treasured personal possessions, can have profound, distressing effects.

‘And while we may subsequently catch and prosecute offenders, often this doesn’t make good the impact their offences have on victims.’

He said leaving lights on helps to make a home look occupied, and will hopefully deter burglars.

Insp Humphries recommends householders use timer switches before they return from work to make homes look occupied.