Legal highs campaign is taken to festival

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FESTIVAL-GOERS are being warned about the dangers of legal highs.

Hampshire’s Youth Commission will be visiting Victorious Festival in Southsea to campaign against their use. The government outlawed the supply, production and importation of such drugs in the Psychoactive Substances Act. Use of them is still legal but campaigners are warning of the dangers.

The News has run a campaigns called Legal Highs: Only Lows, which called for a change in law and raised awareness of the drugs’ devastating consequences.

Patrick Allen, youth commission member, said: ‘Even with the introduction of new legislation prohibiting the sale of these dangerous substances, as seen previously with mephedrone, there is still a market for them and we are committed to warning young people of these risks.

‘By spreading knowledge of these risks we hope to allow young people to make an informed decision on their use and in turn prevent the harm they can cause.

‘This year we will be visiting Boomtown and Victorious where we intend to promote our #LethalHighs campaign and in turn hopefully get through to young people that in the legal highs game, eventually everyone loses.’