LETTER OF THE DAY: Why is the new cop shop costing so much more?

It is now abundantly clear as to why the drastic reduction of police officers in this area has happened.

Thursday, 21st June 2018, 12:29 am
Thames Valley Police has charged two boys in connection with the attempted murder of a teenager in Aylesbury.

The police commissioner is having to make drastic cuts in all areas of the police force except, of course, his own office to pay for the white elephant that is the new police centre. With the drastic cuts he has instigated, the question then arises as to who, besides himself and a skeleton force, will be left to occupy it.

Clearly he has to explain in detail why:

o If the cost in 2014 was £18m, how and why a year later the cost had risen to £24m – an increase of 25 per cent when inflation was less than three per cent and which should give a cost of £18.5m. What was changed by who and why?

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o Why has the cost in the next three years risen to £31m – a further rise of almost an extra 30 per cent when inflation was yearly less than three per cent, which should have given a cost of just £20.25m? Again, what was changed by who and why?

We, the rate and taxpayers, the ultimate payers for this building, are entitled to a detailed explanation as to why the costs have, over four years, escalated by more than 72 per cent when inflation was no more than three per cent each year.

Clearly the final insult to this disgraceful debacle will be to name the building Michael Lane House but, before this happens, he needs to explain.

Merik Malendewicz

Merchistoun Road, Horndean