Letter of the Day: We need a radical rethink on fly-tipping

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The issue of fly-tipping makes regular headlines and appears to have become insoluble as far as local authorities are concerned, with individual, law-abiding citizens having to foot the bill.

Isn’t it time for a radical rethink on the whole issue?

I would have thought that the place to start would be to identify the groups of people, individuals and companies who produce this rubbish in the normal course of their activities.

Those obeying the law use authorised tips where payment is required. These are usually owned by the local authority and, having paid, I assume that they get a receipt, possibly with some detail of the type of rubbish.

As such companies must be making tax claims, Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs must have records of all companies obeying the law.

It should not therefore be impossible to identify those who claim little or no expenditure in this area.

If all companies and individuals needing to use tips on a regular basis were registered and required by law to produce full financial details of their costs associated with tipping, picking out the culprits would become much easier.

Just the threat that in future the tax authorities could be coming after them could have a salutary effect.

EL Targett

Farthings Gate, Purbrook