LISTED: 999 calls from the Portsmouth area this week

Every week our emergency services, including police, ambulance and firefighters, receive huge numbers of our calls about incidents in our area.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 14th January 2017, 6:00 am

Here are a few of those which we have reported on in The News:


WHERE: St Mary’s Road, Portsmouth

WHEN: Saturday January 7, 8pm

WHAT HAPPENED: A man was stabbed in the leg. Four men were spotted running away from the scene, and the police believe the victim and the attacker were known to each other.


WHERE: A3 near Liss

WHEN: Sunday January 8, 5pm

WHAT HAPPENED: Three people had a lucky escape when their car veered off the road and slid down an embankment. Ambulance staff climbed down using a ladder to rescue the trio.


WHERE: Paulsgrove chalk pits

WHEN: Sunday January 8, 11pm

WHAT HAPPENED: Two teenagers were rescued from the chalk pits after getting stuck. The boy and girl, both 14, were 20 metres up so had to call for firefighters, who used a ladder to bring them down to safety.


WHERE: Gosport

WHEN: Sunday January 8

WHAT HAPPENED: Three thefts and four attempted thefts took place in one evening across Gosport, in Stone Lane, Linden Grove and Mayfield Road. Car owners have been reminded to make sure their vehicles are kept locked and secure.


WHERE: Shell Garage, Stubbington Lane, Fareham

WHEN: Monday January 9, 4.40am

WHAT HAPPENED: Thieves raided the garage, before running off when police arrived. The thieves apparently dumped their haul of stolen goods in nearby gardens.


WHERE: Keydell Avenue, Horndean

WHEN: Monday January 9, between 7am and 3.30pm

WHAT HAPPENED: A safe was stolen from a house after burglars carried out a search. Police have warned people in the area to remain vigilant.


WHERE: A3 near Petersfield

WHEN: Monday January 9, 7.15am

WHAT HAPPENED: A van and car were involved in a collision. There were long delays while the two vehicles were recovered. No injuries were reported.


WHERE: HMS Nelson, Southsea

WHEN: Monday January 9, 9.20am

WHAT HAPPENED: A small fire was discovered in the engine compartment of a car parked outside the naval base. A quick-thinking member of staff put the fire out using an extinguisher.


WHERE: Merritt Place, Clanfield

WHEN: Monday January 9, 7.10am-3.20pm

WHAT HAPPENED: Thieves stole more than £50,000 worth of jewellery in a burglary. The jewellery was in a safe, but nothing else was taken.


WHERE: M27, between Junction 11-12

WHEN: Tuesday January 10, 7.15am

WHAT HAPPENED: Two vehicles, a Mazda and a Ford, collided with each other and blocked the outside lane between the two junctions. Both drivers were uninjured.


WHERE: Tuesday January 10, 1.30pm

WHEN: Iceland, London Road, North End

WHAT HAPPENED: Staff at the shop detained a suspected shoplifter.



WHEN: Tuesday January 10, 4.50pm

WHAT HAPPENED: Three motorists suffered minor injuries following a two-vehicle collision on the northbound carriageway between the A3 and Junction 1.



WHEN: Thursday January 12, 8.30am

WHAT HAPPENED: Two cars collided by the southbound slip road between the M275 and A27. One lane was briefly closed, and police said there was one ‘slight’ injury.


WHERE: Southsea

WHEN: Sunday January 8 - Thursday January 12

WHAT HAPPENED: Police say a mugger has been targeting lone women in Southsea. There have been four reports in five days from female victims who have had their handbags grabbed.


WHERE: Head Masters Hair Design, Stubbington

WHEN: Thursday January 12, 1.45pm

WHAT HAPPENED: An industrial hair dryer caught fire at a hairdressers. Nobody was injured.