Lock up to keep the thieves out of your car

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Police are investigating

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CAR owners in Hampshire are being warned to keep their vehicles locked up to prevent opportunistic thieves.

Officers in Petersfield have been going over the details of the past three months’ worth of car thefts in the market town, and say just under 50 per cent were as a result of vehicles being left unsecured.

The force said people are leaving their cars unlocked outside their homes and thieves try the door handles hoping for easy pickings. In total, out of 23 thefts, 11 could have been prevented by locking up.

The force’s PC Peter Gott said: ‘We will continue to do all we can to investigate these crimes and to catch the people responsible but you can help us to prevent it from happening in the first place.

‘A large number of these crimes can be avoided if as a car owner you always lock your car, no matter how quick you intend to be, and take anything of value out of the car when you leave it unoccupied.’

Anyone with information about the thefts should call police on 101.