London dealer jailed for selling drugs in Portsmouth

Christopher Green
Christopher Green
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A DRUG dealer who came down to the city from London and set up an operation in a crackhouse has been jailed.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard Christopher Green was running the illicit business from an address in Milton Road, Milton, with co-defendant Lesley Gale acting as a runner selling class A drugs to addicts outside.

Prosecutor Daniel Sawyer said Green, 20, stayed in the house taking calls and text messages connected to drug dealing while addict Gale sold them.

Mr Sawyer said: ‘He’s holding the drugs while Miss Gale is dealing. He is in effect managing the little operation.

‘It appears Mr Green came down from London. He seems to have gone to that address.

‘Various people were seen coming and going.’

He added police saw known drug users making exchanges outside the house.

In one instance a taxi pulled up with Gale meeting a known addict inside who got out and exchanges were made.

When Gale was arrested she had wraps of both heroin and cocaine on her.

Her phone was seized and police found a text sent to her reminding her about drug rehabilitation appointments.

Recorder Simon Privett sentenced Green, of Marston Avenue, Dagenham, Essex, to four years in prison.

He said: ‘You were playing a significant role in street dealing.

‘This is an offence for which nothing but a custodial sentence could be justified.’

Stephen Smyth, defending Gale, said: ‘She’s a vulnerable person on the street.’

Gale, 39, of Milton Road, pleaded guilty to being concerned in the supply of heroin, a class A drug.

She received an 18-month community order with 18 months supervision. She must also complete a residential treatment.

Green pleaded guilty to the same charge but in relation to cocaine and possession of cannabis, a class B drug. He received a month concurrent for the possession 

Welcoming the sentence, Detective Constable Kristy O’Brien said: ‘We’re trying to uphold a safe community and it’s not safe with drugs on the street.

‘They’re there to do business and we’re there to crack down on that business.’