Magistrates make order for arrests over unpaid tax to Havant Borough Council

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MAGISTRATES have issued warrants for the arrest of three people who failed to turn up at court for hearings over unpaid council tax.

The three are said to owe nearly £10,000 in years of unpaid council tax to Havant Borough Council between them.

Dorothy Rumble, 57, is alleged to owe £3,455 in unpaid council tax, Matthew Rugman, 38, is alleged to owe the authority £3,292 and Edward Goddard, 64, is said to owe £2,694.

All three were summoned to appear at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court for a hearing.

The court heard that Rumble, of Crossland Drive, Havant, Rugman, of Anmore Close, Havant, and Goddard, of Rowan Road, Havant, had all been sent letters telling them when to be at court.

Havant Borough Council was seeking to have the magistrates order the three to repay the money or face jail.

But they did not attend court so there hearings could not go ahead.

The magistrates issued warrants for the arrest of all three.