Man accused of armed robbery was '˜buying cat food' court hears

A MAN on trial accused of an armed robbery told police he was buying tablets and cat food, a court has heard.

Wednesday, 19th October 2016, 4:52 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 6:46 pm

Anthony Journet was arrested on May 29 after a raider with an imitation gun robbed Co-op in White Dirt Lane, Clanfield, at 9.47pm on May 12 this year.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard Journet, 46, gave a prepared statement in a second interview when quizzed by detectives after having taken legal advice to say no comment in his first interview.

The court heard Journet told police: ‘I was shocked and shaken up when I was arrested.

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‘I know nothing about this robbery.

‘When I spoke to my solicitor this morning about an alibi, when he wouldn’t listen, I sacked him.’

In the statement Journet told detectives he had been buying codeine and ibuprofen at Boots in Havant opposite Tesco at around 10.10pm and it should be on CCTV.

He added he then went to Co-op at Point 7 in Leigh Park to buy cat food at around 10.30pm.

Journet told detectives: ‘My mum used to work at the Co-op and they were good to her so I would not rob a Co-op.’

And he said the imitation firearm seized at his home was ‘one I found in the attic’.

‘It was a plastic gun, a child’s toy, I was cleaning it up to give to some kids,’ he said.

‘It does not even look like a real gun.’

Journet, who also said his mother worked at a different store, not the one in Clanfield, said he had the receipt for the cat food at home.

Detective Constable Marc Oliver, who was involved in the second interview, later went to Journet’s address in Botley Drive, Havant, and found the receipt in a green envelope holder, which was time-stamped 10.48pm.

DC Oliver said it was the only receipt he found at Journet’s home.

Journet, of Botley Drive, Leigh Park, is charged with robbery and having an imitation fireman with intent.

He denies both charges.

Hugh French who is Journet’s barrister, previously told the court: ‘Our case is that the police have got the wrong man.’