Man admits being drunk and urinating in street

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A MAN has admitted urinating in public while drunk.

Zachary Hodgson, of Valentine Close, Fareham, appeared at Fareham Magistrates’ Court yesterday charged with being drunk and disorderly in a public place.

The 49-year-old pleaded guilty to the offence which took place on July 17 on Bishopsfield Road, Fareham.

Police were called when Hodgson was spotted acting drunk and shouting at passers-by.

When police arrived, he agreed to move away and then stopped and began urinating.

He said that he had been drinking because he had been at a funeral the day before.

Hodgson also appeared in court on September 2 and was given a six-month supervision order and two-month curfew for a separate behaviour offence related to alcohol.

Chair of the magistrates, Dr Nancy North, gave a Hodgson six-month conditional discharge.

She said: ‘You have got to keep your nose clean.’

Hodgson was also made to pay a £15 victim surcharge and £25 court costs.