Man attacks policeman after complaining of bad burger meal at Southsea restaurant

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BURGER-eating Aaron Close assaulted a police officer after refusing to pay for his meal he claimed had hair in it.

The 27-year-old ate most of a burger at Jags@119 restaurant in Elm Grove, Southsea, before complaining it wasn’t cooked properly and there was hair in it.

He even attacked a police officer who was trying to arrest him before PC Adam Ives punched Close in the head to regain control.

Close, of Gazelle Close, Gosport, appeared at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court on August 9 where he was sentenced for a string of offences, including exposing himself in a hospital in Dorset.

Andrew Newman, prosecuting, said: ‘He ordered a burger meal £11, £9 burger and £2 Quorn.

‘He consumed most of the meal, complained it was not prepared to his liking, medium rare but had asked for well done. He was offered a reduced bill by the owner of 10 per cent. He said “I can’t even pay 2p, I’m not happy”.’

When Close went to leave police were called and PC Adam Ives went to apprehend him.

Close grabbed hold of PC Ives’ handcuffs twisting them to avoid being detained saying: ‘I’m not under arrest.’

Close then grabbed three fingers of the officer’s hand and squeezed.

In the struggle they both ended up on the floor and PC Ives punched Close three times to the back of the head to regain control.

Back-up arrived and Close was arrested at the burger joint.

Mr Newman added: ‘When he was searched he had four pence on him.’

Close admitted obtaining services dishonestly and assaulting a police officer to resist arrest.

Before saying he was ‘begrudgingly’ pleading guilty over the burger incident, Close said: ‘I wasn’t satisfied with what I was eating, I made a choice to say I didn’t want a meal.

‘There were hairs on the food.’

He was previously found guilty of exposure and possession of cannabis, a class B drug, which was found on him after he was arrested in a hospital in Dorset.

Close had been admitted into hospital to undergo an X-ray on January 7 but instead performed an indecent act while laying on the table.

A shocked radiographer left the room before returning with another member of staff as Close stood up but then dropped his trousers exposing his bottom.

Mr Bentley said: ‘All the offences related to a period of time when he was ill.’

Sentencing, magistrate Nigel Dedman said: ‘We don’t want to see you again.’

He imposed an 18-month community order with mental health treatment, with £11 compensation for the burger joint, a £60 victim surcharge and £100 prosecution costs to pay.

Close must sign the sex offenders’ register for five years.