Man cautioned for knocking over Fareham woman at Russell Brand show

Russell Brand
Russell Brand
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A WOMAN from Fareham received bruising at a Russell Brand gig when a man knocked her down.

The incident happened on Tuesday night at the Southampton Guildhall, before the comedian was due on stage.

The fracas began after a 27-year old man had been detained by security for climbing on to the stage and grabbing the microphone during the warm-up act.

He was taken outside but broke away unexpectedly and dashed back into the auditorium, knocking two women over – a 23-year-old from Fareham and a 53-year-old from Southampton.

Police were called at around 7.45pm and arrested the man on two counts of ABH and assault on a police officer.

He resisted arrest and, in the process, hurt a police officer’s hand.

A spokesman from Hampshire Constabulary said: ‘He has received a caution for all three offences.

‘He was full of remorse, has no previous convictions and did not mean to do it which was why he only received a caution for the offences.

The women were assessed for their injuries, and were found to have suffered bruising.