Man claims abuse pictures ‘were planted by police’

Jason Packer, 45, of Balliol Road, Buckland, Portsmouth, is charged  with possessing extreme pornography and indecent images of children
Jason Packer, 45, of Balliol Road, Buckland, Portsmouth, is charged with possessing extreme pornography and indecent images of children
Police outside Wilmcote House, Portsmouth

Residents had to be signed in to Portsmouth flat block after police incident

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A former candidate for the Justice and Anti-Corruption Party in Portsmouth has been accused of possessing indecent images of children and extreme pornography.

Jason Packer is on trial at Portsmouth Crown Court facing five counts of possessing extreme pornography and 13 charges of possessing indecent images of children.

The jury of six men and six women were yesterday played four of the movies, seized from his home in February last year, relating to some of the counts.

Prosecutor Philip Meredith said that Packer may raise in defence that the images were planted by police or a technical expert and that he was targeted in a ‘revenge arrest’.

He said: ‘His other line of defence, you will hear, may be that he used this powerful peer group programme Shareaza to distribute something called the Pascoe report that was critical of someone I cannot name and do not choose to name.

‘Packer said that he felt targeted by the police who were... protecting this person.’

Mr Meredith added part of the defence may be that it was a ‘revenge arrest with police involved with that individual because he, Packer, had made available on the internet what, frankly, he shouldn’t, which was the Pascoe report.’

The individual criticised in the report cannot be named for legal reasons.

Mr Meredith added there was no technical evidence to support Packer’s defence, adding: ‘There’s no evidence of what Packer suggests technically to be the case.’

Packer, 45, of Balliol Road, North End, denies all the charges against him.

Mr Meredith told the jury: ‘Packer’s general defence is that none of these had anything to do with him.

‘They got on to his system by accident or frankly have been planted there either by police or by the technical expert Mr [John] Harrison from whom you will hear.

‘He has raised through his defence statement multiple reasons to absolve himself from any responsibility for any or all of these images.

‘“Yes they are there on my machines but they’re nothing to do with me”.’

Mr Meredith said police had made a ‘general sweep’ of users on a file sharing system, Shareaza, and an internet provider had handed over Packer’s details after this.

He added Packer said in a second police interview that he was not aware his computer contained the images.

Mr Meredith said: ‘Packer has a rather unorthodox view as to the ages of children.

‘He believes a child is someone under the age of 12.’

He accepted by the end of the interview that the law has a very different view.’

Mr Meredith said the jury will have to decide in some instances if the images were realistic, in relation to the extreme counts. In relation to the indecent children images charges they will have to decide if the people involved were children, he added.

Packer stood for the Justice and Anti-Corruption Party in city council elections in 2014.

The party has fielded candidates in local and general elections.