Man faces jail after using his mobile to film couple having sex

Sean Bailey
Sean Bailey
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A PEEPING Tom could face jail after filming a couple having sex in their home.

Sean Bailey sneaked up to the couple’s ground floor bedroom window and recorded them on his mobile phone.

The 27-year-old bragged about the video when he showed it to his friends and a former girlfriend in a pub in Waterlooville.

Police investigating Bailey for a separate incident seized a mobile phone and discovered a clip of the couple having sex.

The video – recorded in August last year – had been deleted, but was eventually recovered by police forensics.

Prosecutor Martin Booth said: ‘When they were looked at, they showed two people who were engaged in sexual intercourse in the privacy of their own bedroom, clearly unaware of the fact they were being filmed.’

Speaking of Bailey showing off the video, Mr Booth added: ‘You can picture the scenario. All the boys down the pub, bragging, showing off about his latest conquest.’

Bailey, of Robin Gardens, Wecock, was arrested and the couple he recorded – who cannot be named for legal reasons – were traced by police.

Mr Booth told Portsmouth Crown Court said: ‘They were both disgusted.

‘They confirmed they had no idea anyone was doing this, nor did anyone have permission to do that.’

But Bailey denied he had recorded the couple.

He told the jury his friends had been round at his flat and one of his mobile phones, which he shared with his mother, was left lying around.

He said one of his friends might have recorded it as a joke.

Bailey told the jury: ‘There’s been stuff put on the phone before which I have not been aware of.’

But Bailey was convicted by the jury after damning evidence from his ex-girlfriend.

She told police he had shown her a sex video on his mobile phone in the pub.

She later told police she had remembered a distinctive painting above the bed – which was in the couple’s bedroom.

A jury found Bailey not guilty of voyeurism for one of the clips found on his mobile phone as it could not be proven that he had recorded it.

He was found guilty of voyeurism for the video he had shown to friends and his ex-girlfriend in the pub.

Bailey will be sentenced at a later date.

Detective Leith Morrison, from Havant CID, said: ‘A lot of officers have been involved in the investigation and I believe the victims will be satisfied with the result.’