Man faces sentence for abusing cockerels

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A MAN has been found guilty of breeding cockerels and forcing them to fight in a barn.

Wayne Dean, 52, kept up to 27 birds in pens on land near Chichester.

When RSPCA officers inspected, they found a bloodied carpet and hay bales used as a makeshift ‘fighting pit’.

Three of the animals were found with injuries to their face and head and were taken away for treatment.

Chichester Magistrates’ Court heard from vet Richard Edwards, who said birds were missing parts of their comb and wattle – the fleshy red parts on top of the head and below the beak.

He said: ‘It was my opinion at the time, and it still is, that these injuries were most consistent with fighting with another bird.

‘This bird’s wattle was badly damaged and had been cut in such a way that it had a blood clot in its base.’

Dean, formerly of Chichester, now living in Valentines Lea, Northchapel, was found guilty of the charges, including keeping a premises for use for an animal fight. He will be sentenced on March 27.