Man found guilty of hitting woman with a saucepan

Fareham magistrates court
Fareham magistrates court

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AN ALCOHOL-fuelled argument resulted in a woman being hit over the head with a saucepan.

James Iles was found guilty of common assault at Fareham Magistrates’ Court after it heard he hit victim Layla Mallin round the head with the pan.

The attack occurred on May 19 at a property on Sullivan Close, in Portsmouth, when Iles was drinking with friends.

The court heard the 38-year-old became involved in an argument with his then-girlfriend. Ms Mallin stepped in and allegedly punched Iles four times.

He left the room but shortly returned with a saucepan of cold vegetable soup. He poured the soup over Ms Mallin before hitting her with the saucepan.

While giving evidence, Iles admitted to the court that he, and the other people at the house, were drunk but denied being angry or not in control of himself.

He said that Ms Mallin had intervened during an argument and punched him.

He admitted retaliating by pouring the soup over her head but denied hitting her with the saucepan causing her to lose consciousness.

But chairman of the magistrates Malcolm Brown found Iles guilty of common assault.

He said: ‘After hearing your evidence and statements from the other two witnesses, we find you guilty of common assault.

‘We find that you pushed Ms Mallin to the ground and hit her with the saucepan after pouring soup over her.

‘We found the other witnesses were credible and their evidence was consistent. Their evidence also remained the same under cross-examination.’

While hearing the sentencing read out, Iles shook his head and gesticulated towards the magistrates.

Iles, of Waverley Road, Southsea, was on a community order for an offence he committed in April. Then he pleaded guilty to assault by beating and was given a 12-month community order and an alcohol treatment requirement.

Mr Brown said they had taken this last offence into consideration when sentencing.

Iles was told to pay Ms Mallin £120 compensation and £30 victim surcharge totalling £150. He received a community order of 12 months’ supervision in which he must attend meetings. He must also attend six alcohol treatment sessions.