Man has car driven at him in West Sussex road rage attack

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A PEDESTRIAN was viciously attacked and had a vehicle driven at him after signalling at a speeding car to slow down.

The man, in his 40s, was waiting at a bus stop in Charles Avenue, Chichester, when he noticed a speeding silver car and gestured for it to slow down.

The driver stopped and reversed back towards the victim.

A blond-haired man in the front passenger seat shouted at the victim and words were exchanged.

The car was then driven off again, and again it reversed back to the victim. Two of the three men in the car got out and one of them punched the victim three times.

They then got back into the car and it was driven towards the victim, who jumped on the car bonnet to prevent being hit. The victim fell from the bonnet as the car was driven away.

The car is believed to be a silver Mercedes.

The victim was left with bruising to the face and legs after the incident on January 17 at about 3.55pm.

Call police on 101.